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Shule Connect was designed and Developed by Pro-IT Ltd, a Professional Company working on developing Sofware solutions for the benefit of the Community. For more information please visit PRO-IT Official Website

Managing a School or Institute is not easy as it involve number of operations which if not properly maintained, can cause some difficulties. Shule Connect is Cloud based School Management System which will always simplify the way you run your school


Bulk SMS Services

Send alerts, notifications, reminders, examination results, school fees payment receipts and other messages to Parents and other School stakeholders

Manage Students, Teachers

Keep a record of all Students, Teachers and other Employees at your School

Manage Expenses

With Shule Connect, you can Manage your School Expenses easily. Can set budgets and compare with your spendings

Manage School Fees Payments

Manage all School Fees Payments at one place. Shule Connect will keep record of all payments available to the School and Parents via Shule Connect Mobile App

Manage Accomodations

Students Accommodation is made easy with Shule Connect. The Software will keep a record of your Houses/Blocks and Rooms. It will assist on registering students to rooms and keep record for later reference

Manage Library

No matter how big your Library is, with Shule Connect you have the right tool to manage your Library activities

Easy Management of Students Examinations

We know how hard your Teachers are working during preparing Examination reports. But with Shule Connect, some process can be automated.

After marking the exams, Teachers will only need to feed to the System score of each subject for every Student. The rest will be done by Shule Connect. Examination results, reports will be generated by Shule Connect on demand

Much easier with Shule Connect App

Shule Connect comes with a Mobile App for Android and IOS users. Parents can be connected to your School via the Mobile App. They will be able to receive notifications about important events from School.

Parents can access Examination results once they are released. Get reminded about school fees payments, access their children attendance report and any other information as issued by the School

Shule Connect will reduce your operating cost and boost your School income via the Mobile App. You will run the System, We, Pro-IT Company will make sure that everything is working perfectly

We have Shule Connect Admin App for School Administration and Teachers which is available at the Play Store (Android). Once your School is connected, many activities can be done via the Mobile App

The Shule Connect Admin App can be used for the initial setup of the School to our services. Download the App then contact us for more intructions on how to setup your School


Shule Connect comes with 13 Modules which are tested and working perfectly. More modules will be added later upon their completion

Employees Management Module

This Module will simplify the process of maintaining record for all Employees

Students Management Module

All Students record will be managed by this Module

Fees Collection Module

This Module will help in leeping records of fee payments for each Student of your School

Expenses Management Module

Budgets, Expenses are recorded here. Also use this Module to forecast fee collections

Examinations Module

All Examination entry will be recorded here. Get all students result and issue reports to their parents

Calendar Module

With this Module, you can record all School Events for a particular Academic Year. The School calendar defines all activities of the year

Designation Module

This Module will help you in asigning responsibilities to your Employees.

Accomodation Module

For Schools with Accomodations, will you this Module to Manage their activities

Class Teacher Module

This Module will help Class Teachers in managing their Classes

Promotion Module

At the end of each Academic Year, Promote your students to other classes via this Module

Library Module

Manage all your Library activities using this Module

Bulk SMS Module

Send SMS to Mobile App users, e.g Exam results, Fees payment reminders etc..

Why choose us?

With Shule Connect, you will have the best School Management Software which not only simpilify your School activities, but will also become a good source of income for your School

Simple to use

Shule Connect UI is designed in a way that will make a comfotable use. We also provide user Manual for quick reference

Uptime 99.99% Guaranteed

Shule Connect is running at one of the most Secure Servers with 99.99% uptime guaranteed. With us, your records are secured and always availabe whenever you need them.

Desktop App

Our Shule Connect SMS is a Native Desktop App. You can Install to multiple Computers and assign multiple Users. Is secure and reliable


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